How to play Planning Poker

This guide assumes that you already know what planning poker is about and how to play with real cards. If you need any information about planning poker see the wikipedia page. To play planning poker using this application is very simple. For distributed team a conference call is required as this is not provided by the application.
  1. At first Scrum Master creates new team by entering Team name and Scrum master name.
  2. Then all team members join the team by entering the same Team name and unique member name.
  3. Optionally product owner can join the team by entering the same Team name, unique member name and checking Observer checkbox.
  4. When all participants joined the team, the team can discuss first story.
  5. After discussion Scrum Master starts the estimation.
  6. Then all members pick estimates. Optionally Scrum Master can cancel estimation when any of the members requests that.
  7. After all members picked an estimate, the estimates are shown to all participants.
  8. If concensus is found then team can discuss another story and Scrum Master can start estimation again. Otherwise team discusses their estimates and then Scrum Master starts estimation again.

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