Structure of PlanningPoker solution

Solution requirements

PlanningPoker solution can be opened in Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012. It requires following software to be installed:
  • IIS Express to run and debug web application locally.
  • NuGet to manage application dependencies to external libraries.
  • (optional) Windows Azure SDK for Visual Studio to build deployable package for Windows Azure.
IIS Express and Windows Azure SDK for Visual Studio can be easily installed using Web Platform Installer. NuGet is Visual Studio extension and can be installed directly in Visual Studio (menu Tools/Extension Manager...).

Solution projects

PlanningPoker solution contains following projects:
  • PlanningPoker.Domain contains domain classes of the application and is described in Domain design of Planning Poker.
  • PlanningPoker.Domain.Test contains unit-tests of domain classes.
  • PlanningPoker implements host of domain objects and JSON web service.
  • PlanningPoker.Test contains unit-tests of PlanningPoker project classes.
  • PlanningPoker.Web is ASP.NET MVC 4 web application. It hosts Planning Poker web service and implements client-side as MVC views and JavaScript.
  • PlanningPoker.Azure contains modified host of domain objects used on Windows Azure platform. Additionally it implements communication between cloud instances using ServiceBus.
  • PlanningPoker.Azure.Test contains unit-tests of classes in PlanningPoker.Azure project.
  • PlanningPoker.AzureService is Windows Azure SDK project to deploy application to Windows Azure.

Solution configurations

PlanningPoker solution contains 4 configurations:
  • Debug
  • Release
  • Debug Azure
  • Release Azure
Debug and Release configurations build web application to run in IIS Express or any IIS on-premise. In this case Azure projects are not built and no configuration must be changed. Debug Azure and Release Azure configurations built application to run in Azure or Azure emulator locally. This configuration requires Windows Azure SDK to be installed. As Azure version of PlanningPoker uses ServiceBus, it must be created in Azure management portal and then configured in PlanningPoker.AzureService project. How to create ServiceBus namespace is described in How to install to Windows Azure.

Solution static analyses

All projects in the solution uses 3 levels of static code analyses.
  • All build warnings are treated as errors.
  • Code Analysis can be run in Visual Studio 2012. Rule sets are defined for all projects.
  • StyleCop can be run to check formatting of source code. StyleCop rule sets are defined for all projects.

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